In the beginning, I never knew this could even be a possibility. Take a look into my world . . .

. . . as I share some real life experiences that I have been through since becoming attuned to Reiki along with Reiki and Energy Healing tips and even snippets from the Reiki Degrees Online Course itself.  Watch each video below at your leisure. Enjoy :) 

Kelly Flack 

Kelly Flack

Certified Reiki Master Since 2014

Reiki Can Add To A Natural Process of Spiritual Growth

Energy moves through us, around us and within us with every breath and step we take. Conscious use of energy causes the potential for massive transformational growth because when you think about it, energy is all that is.

When people begin working with energy on purpose, they begin to realise that the only limitations they have in life, are the ones they put on themselves. 

Using Crystals, Energy and Spirit For Healing

Even though we have a physical body, we are still spiritual beings. This is why it can be so easy to tap back into "Home".  Spirit is what we are.  The more we use Reiki and hook up to our Spirit Teams, the more information we can begin to gather from energy fields of others as we heighten our intuition and grow even more. 

As mentioned in this video, when you join up with the Reiki Degrees Online Course, you'll also get free access to the Unlock Your Inner Healer  Online Course where we dive deep into working with Chakra energy. In this bonus course you'll learn how to work with crystals and chakra energy. 

Bonus Course : Unlock Your Inner Healer
Bonus Course Videos : Click Here

Remain "Detached" During Energy Healing

Of course you remain connected when you are healing a client via Source - but when it comes to sad and "poor them" emotions, detach! Be the Observer of what your client is going through - not the absorber!

When doing energy healing, we will refer to the person you will be working on as "your client". Even though this could be a family member, work colleague or close friend or neighbour, we will still use the term "client" for now.

It is important that you remain emotionallydetached from your client whilst healing. In other words, if you begin to "feel" their pain, don't get all "caught up in it" Be the Observer of what your client is going though. Not the Absorber!

Reiki For Pets

Animals work with humans on more than just the physical plane. They often 'carry' burdens and pains for us.

Reiki is wonderful for pet arthritis and a few other "older dog" problems. Quite often, your pets will come to know when you have your “Reiki hands on” and some will fall asleep in your hands as the Reiki energy flows through you, into them.

On the other hand, there are some pets that might not be too keen on the whole Reiki idea. With your hands on a pet, they could huff and puff from the healing energy and might not keep still for a session. It would be easier to try to catch up with them when they are fast asleep and have your hands hovering above the animal instead. This can also help greatly with any aches or pains that your pet might be carrying.

Seeing Chicken Heaven Through Reiki Eyes (2015) 

Jewel is/was our chicken elder - one of our senior pets.(2015)

She is a gorgeous animal, the head of the run, the master of the coop, the top of the pecking order. Whilst giving Jewel some chicken Reiki, I was given a glimpse into the world that awaits her. I feel that words on a blog wouldn't explain it as clearly so I have made a video about what I saw, and I share it with you here  xo 

Calling Archangel Michael For Protection

Whether we are working with energy to heal ourselves or working with energy to heal others, or just working with energy for answers in general, we need to play safe.

You may have experienced walking into a room and feeling like you are being talked about ...... maybe you have spoken of something that you are so passionate about and then little bumps form on your skin ...... sometimes you might 'feel' like there is someone behind you as you are reading or watching a movie ...... many people 'think' of a friend calling, and then the phone rings ....... you might encounter times when the hairs on your arms stand on end as you are walking into a scary situation .....

Everything is energy and everything is connected so call upon your Guides and Spirit Team to assist you in any energy work that you might be wanting to experiment with or perform.

Reiki For Children

You know how sometimes kids swing back and forth, and then jump mid-air? Well, our youngest daughter flew off the swing and cut her finger open at the park.

It was my little "freak out" moment because that deep cut seriously looked like it needed stitches . . .

<3 So we gave Reiki a go, and lo and behold . . . holy moly . . . this is what happened! 


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