Clearing Your Energy

We pick up so many energies when we're out and about during each day.Clear your energy field daily. It only takes a minute. This video shows you how. 

Call your guides to you first. Click here to download the free Calling Guides page. Have fun with it  :) 

How to Clear Heavy Energy From a Room

There are so many ways to clear heavy energy from yourself, from others, from situations, from foods, from relationships ect

This video gives you one way to help clear heavy energy from a room. Have a go :) 

Remove Energies That You Might Pick Up From Healing Another

Everyone picks up energy from other people and their environment  every single day. No exceptions! 

As a Reiki energy healing channel, we can also pick up energies when we are giving Reiki to another person. That's okay. It is what it is and it's very easy to clear as well.

Several different effective ways of clearing yourself are explained in this video and shownto you during the Reiki Degrees Online Course. 

Communicating With Crystals

Since the free bonus course - the Unlock Your Inner Healer Program - provides detailed steps to take to align with and work with a crystal pendulum, it's only natural that the crystals are one of the main things that will begin communication with you.

Crystals hold their own energetic vibrational energy and for many of my students, being able to receive communication from crystals whilst working with Reiki andchakra energy healing is just part of the natural growth process. 

Do The Body's Chakra Energy Centres Really Exist?

When you join up with the Reiki Degrees Online Course, you'll also get free access to the Unlock Your Inner Healer  Online Course where we dive deep into working with Chakra energy.

In this bonus course you'll learn how to check, clear and balance chakras for family and friends. You'll also be guided to give yourself a full body chakra balance and be able to do this when ever you feel the need.

Bonus Course : Unlock Your Inner Healer  
Bonus Course Videos : Click Here

2nd Degree Reiki Symbols 

This video explains what the Usui Reiki symbols are and what each one can do.

There are so many uses for 2nd degree Reiki symbols, including protection for children against bullying (and this is also mentioned in the video) and you can use them for sending healing overseas and much more and they are all taught to you during the course.

In this video I also share a story of how a lady used 2nd degree Reiki symbols as protection for her car, and what happened when a cricket ball was hit straight toward the parked car!  

I Helped My Dad Make His Transition

Everything is energetic in vibration regardless of if you are here in physical form, or there in spirit. When you work with energy for healing, you are raising your vibration. On the other hand, your spirit team lowers their high vibrational energy so they can meet half way to pass on messages or guidance that could be of help for you and whoever you might be working on. This is why energy workers or psychics are called "mediums" - because they meet spirit in the middle to get information to pass on.

Here, I share my story of how I was able to talk with Dads spirit as his body was dying. I never knew that this would happen. Such a humbling experience. xo