Play in the physical and spiritual realms, receive messages from spirit, release pains, feel better, help others and allow Reiki Degrees to improve who you are becoming

I began my work back in 2014 giving Reiki to people and allowing myself to be guided by spirit.  Now as a Reiki Master, I teach Reiki Degrees online.

You make your way through the training at your own pace and as you go along, there are many things that will take place for you:

  • You will understand how to connect with your Spirit Team for healing. You will easily be able to calm your mind for this process and many even connect with passed over loved ones during this time as these people often now form a part of your Spirit Team.

  • You will learn all the hand positions for healing of self and others, but also be able to place your hands on a person for healing and begin to receive messages about that person and their life.

  • You can have emotional releases as you move through this course and have the ability to feel better and lighter with every self healing session. Many people say they feel calmer and happier in their lives as things become less chaotic the more they work with energy for healing.

  • With self reiki and utilising this course, you can get the bigger picture of why you might be going through something difficult, what that could mean for you from a spiritual point of view and how you can move through it and grow from it for your own personal healing journey.

  • You'll have a private community of strength, encouragement and support filled with people that you can talk with openly about spirit and all those weird wonderful and whacky things and never be judged.

Kelly Flack

Reiki Master Since 2014

Tapping into spiritual energy from this physical realm is easy to do when you know how because after all, that's what we're made of! Spiritual energy.

Let's see if this is a right fit for you.  

Kelly Flack 

Getting Straight To The Point!

This is NOT a one hit wonder weekend course.  There is work involved and training that you will need to complete before being attuned to each degree. This course is not suitable for people that are only in it for certification and lineage. 

There are 3 options for when you reach attunements. One of those options is to have attunements in person with me. There is no extra cost for this. Full details are below.

If you are unsure of Reiki because you've heard people speculating  that it could be a placebo or an imaginary thing, watch the videos here first. This course will have you connecting with your Spirit Team, Reiki Guides and past over loved ones as you heighten your intuition. When you begin receiving "messages" from the energy fields of other people, and confirm with your client that the message you have is true, well, there's nothing "placebo" about that ;) 

There is a month gap between each degree. This is so you can work through the training at your own pace AND  work in the energy of each degree of Reiki because if you let it, Reiki will grow you in it's own unique way.  You will have access to all other bonus materials straight away as described below. I encourage you to connect with your Spirit Teams daily (it only takes a few minutes and I show you how), and allow yourself to experience the natural growth process that goes along with each degree of this beautiful healing art. 

The cost of this course will rise as new knowledge, content and energy is added to it. Finer details are below. In-joy xo

Student Video Feedback


Experience All of This for Just 

It's important that you learn Reiki in your own unique way by adding YOU into the mix

If you're a parent you can use Reiki for your children from bubs in utero to new-borns to teens and even the grandkids. Many students are massage therapists or beauty therapists that now combine Reiki with other modalities that they use. People with horses or pets or animal rescue services can use Reiki on animals. Perhaps it's self reiki that you're after and that's absolutely perfect. Reiki can be used in all aspects of daily life, and this course guides you every step of the way as you study at your own pace from the comfort of your home. 

Dive in with this powerful healing wave

Experience the deep healing effect that Reiki can have on your well-being, mindset, habits and happiness

What About Reiki Attunements?

Attunements align you with the energy of each Reiki degree or level. They clear blocks and imbalances of energy from your mind, body and spirit, which helps you to become an open and clear channel for Reiki to flow through youwith ease.  You have several options to choose from for attunements. 

1. The In Person Attunement : If you are local to the area that I live (Toowoomba, QLD, Australia), you are welcome to schedule a day and time with me for an in person attunement. 

2. The Distance Attunement : You'll schedule a date and time which you'll receive your distance attunement specific to you  that I'll perform personally. 

3. The Self Attunement : You can opt to attune yourself to Reiki. This is explained in the Master Degree Training. Personally, I'd choose one of the above and then self attune once a year for an energy boost :) 

So if you want to start practising techniques at your own pace, and then organise an attunement for a day that suits you AND  have any questions answered that could pop up along the way, you're in the right place.

This Powerful Online Course Includes

My Reiki 1st Degree Manual

My Reiki 2nd Degree Manual

My Reiki Master Degree Manual

One-to-One distant attunement sessions for all 3 degrees either in person or via distance

Certification for ALL 3 Degrees Including  Lineage

Live online group training sessions in our Private Facebook Support Group 3-4 times every month

Direct email support from me, Kelly Flack 

Over 3 HOURS of video stories of real life Reiki experiences 

Over 4 HOURS of follow along guided video tutorials which include hand positions for self healing techniques, hand positions for healing others,  how to draw symbols, Master attunement processes, animal healing, chakra balancing and more

Reiki Practitioner 1st Degree Training Includes 17 Lessons


Click Here to View the 17 Lessons

Lesson 1 : Introduction to this course, support and Unlock Your Inner Healer Bonus Course

Lesson 2 : Introduction to Reiki and the 1st Degree Attunement

Lesson 3 : History of Reiki

Lesson 4 : Reiki Principles and Namaste

Lesson 5 : Chakras and Auras

Lesson 6 : Intuition and Meditation

Lesson 7 : Connect with Your Spirit Team. "The Calling" and follow along video tutorial

Lesson 8 : Self Healing hand positions and follow along video tutorial

Lesson 9 : Reiki For Pets and Wildlife

Lesson 10 : Reiki For Children. Videos: The importance of remaining emotionally detached while giving Reiki to loved ones

Lesson 11 : Reiki For Other Things and how to apply them

Lesson 12 : Preparing to Give a Reiki Treatment. Includes Checklist.

Lesson 13 : Treating Others Hand Positions. Follow along demonstration video tutorial. Have a volunteer ready for this . And cutting energy cords after session.

Lesson14 : Four Ways To Clear Yourself After Giving Healing To Another

Lesson 15 : Master Your Emotions

Lesson 16 : Energetic Meanings For Specific Body Parts

Lesson 17 : 1st Degree Manual PDF and WORD formats

Schedule Your In Person or Distance Attunement Session with Kelly and Receive Your 1st Degree Reiki Certificate of completion with Lineage. Congratulations!


Reiki Practitioner 2nd Degree Training Includes 10 Lessons


Click Here to View the 10 Lessons

Lesson 1 :2nd Degree Introduction and attunement information

Lesson 2 : Using 2nd Degree Reiki Symbols
Monthly Group Distance Reiki Share Days
Activating Reiki Symbols

Lesson 3 :Using and drawing the power symbol - Cho Ku Rei
How to draw this symbol - video

Lesson 4 :Using and Drawing the mental/emotional symbol - Sei Hei Ki
Healing unwanted habits
How to draw this symbol - video
Symbols for protection - 4 videos

Lesson 5 :Using and drawing the distant healing symbol - Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
Using surrogates for distance healing
Symbol cheat sheet
Practise a beaming session

Lesson 6 : Beaming Reiki Over Distance
Distance Reiki to a person with video tutorial and live distance Reiki in action video
Chakra Clearing via distance with live distance in action video
Distance Reiki to a group
Distance Reiki to a pet with video example
Distance Reiki to a situation with 2 video examples
Distance Reiki to a country, planet, trees, plants
Distance Reiki to a future event
Distance Reiki to a past event including past traumas / Reiki Rebirth
Distance Reiki to a person in a coma or in transition to death with video example
Distance Reiki to a passed over loved one. Video.
Live group connection events to passed over loved ones

Lesson 7 : The Hermetic Law of Correspondence

Lesson 8 : Additional symbol uses
Empowering goals
Amplifying vision boards
Symbols for auras
Clearing crystals and other objects
Food and water cleanse
Pets and wildlife
Locating lost objects
Symbols for things big and small

Lesson 9 : Your Reiki Practise
Empower your Reiki practise
Law of attraction
Addressing your own imbalances
Using Reiki with other modalities
Focus for self-healing
When a client does not feel Reiki
Using Reiki with animals
After a session
Choosing a Reiki association

Lesson 10 : 2nd Degree Manual PDF and WORD formats

Schedule Your In Person or Distance Attunement Session with Kelly and Receive Your 2nd Degree Reiki Certificate of completion with Lineage. Congratulations!


Reiki Master Degree Training Includes 16 Lessons


Click Here to View the 16 Lessons

Lesson 1 : Introduction to Reiki Master Degree and Attunement

Lesson 2 : Becoming A Reiki Master

Lesson 3 : Attunement Experiences

Lesson 4 : Points to remember

Lesson 5 :Using and drawing the lightning bolt symbol - Raku

Lesson 6 :Using and drawing the balance symbol - Tam A Ra Sha

Lesson 7 : Using and drawing the non traditionalMaster Symbol - Dai Ko Mio

Lesson 8 : Using and drawing the Traditional Master Symbol - Dai Ko Myo

Lesson 9 : About Reiki Attunements

Lesson 10 : Preparing For the Reiki Attunement

Lesson 11 : Crown to Crown Reiki Attunement

Lesson 12 : Symbols Through Crown Reiki Attunement

Lesson 13 : Reiki Self Attunement

Lesson 14 : Distance Reiki Attunement

Lesson 15 : Reiki in Mainstream Media

Lesson 16 : Master Degree Manual PDF and WORD formats

Schedule Your In Person or Distance Attunement Session with Kelly and Receive Your Master Degree Reiki Certificate of completion with Lineage. Congratulations!


Bonus 1 : Live Reiki  Training Videos

Keep on growing  your Reiki skillset and join in with our live online training events and Monthly Distance Reiki Share Days.

These are currently being held in our Private Support Group on Facebook. Plus my public Facebook Page has weekly distant healing follow along sessions too. 

The more you use Reiki and connect with your spirit teams, the faster you could grow. Practise, practise, practise. The more you practise, the more you can understand the spirit world and how healing with energy can be a completely humbling experience as you get to play in both worlds!


Bonus 2 : Chakra Balancing Online Course and Support Group

Unlock Your Inner Healer as you learn how to check chakra energy by using a crystal pendulum. Clear and balance chakra energy for yourself and your loved ones.

This is a BONUS  self paced course that takes you deep into the chakra experience. You'll discover  how your money, relationships, confidence, love, communication, intuition and connection with life is ALL being affected by the thoughts that you think.

The energy of your thoughts are all played out via your chakra energy centres. If something is not going well for you in life, this course will give you the tools to understand why, and you'll know how to change, clear and balance it all for the better!


Bonus 3 : One-to-one in person or distance attunement session  after each degree

1st Degree Reiki has 4 attunements to it. 2nd Degree and Master Degrees have one attunement each.

When you have completed the online study lessons, practiced  your reiki on self and others, attended at least one online live group training session and submitted the quizzes and assessments that go along with each degree as part of your training,  you'll be prompted to schedule a date and time with me to receive your distance or in person  attunement session. 

I'll perform each attunement personally. This is not a generic attunement or a self attunement like with many other online courses. 

Your attunements will be done via distance, directly to you, your name, your details, your energy. If you're local to me, we can even do the attunements in person! After your attunement has been done, you will receive your certification and lineage that you can print out and display.




Bonus 4 : VIP Invitations to Attend In-Person Yearly Healing Retreats

As a Reiki Degrees Online Course Student, you will receive an invitation to attend yearly hands-on healing retreats in the beautiful Bunya Mountains of Queensland, Australia.

These weekends are invaluable as you  work side by side with fellow students and your Reiki Master as you give and receive Reiki treatments, work on your chakra checking, clearing and balancing, connect with spirit  and make new friendships along the way.


Bonus 5 : Direct Support From An Experienced Reiki Master 

If you have a question along the way, just send me an e-mail. I check my e-mail multiple times a day so I will respond as soon as I can. You will also have access to our Private Online Support Group and Healing Community  via Facebook.

As a student, you will have e-mail support directly from me, Kelly Flack, your Reiki master. I want you to have fun with this course and with the energy that you absolutely are! Plus I want to make this as easy for you as possible.

Start Playing in the Physical and Spiritual Realms Today!

Buy Now for Just  $399

Go for it! You're Covered with my 30 Day Money-back Guarantee*

Try it risk free!  Gain access to the entire program plus the Chakra Balance Course at my risk, not yours!  

I'm willing to do this because I believe that it can truly show you how you can use Reiki for healing of yourself and tap into the spirit world to get a heck of a lot more answers and guidancefor yourself!

In all fairness, if you are enjoying the course with it's numerous real life experience videos and full support group with live training events, then by all means, go for your attunements and continue with the full journey. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Taking advantage of the attunements shows me that you are indeed enjoying this course, therefore cancels out the money back guarantee. *