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Power 1 - Calm Mind

Being able to calm your mind helps you to become more aware of messages that could come through or should I say, that will come through the more you practise working with Chakra Energy Healing. This is energy we're dealing with here.

When you have your hands on or over a person to check or clear or balance chakra energy, what you're working on there is the energy field of a person. If you have a noisy mind while doing this, you are not allowing quiet space for any "messages" to come through to you.

You are an energetic being and when you are working on the energy field of another person, your energy fields intermingle. This is how you can gather information to pass on to them or, if you are working on your own energy, you can also gather information for yourself and your own personal growth.

Power 2 - Connecting With Your  Spirit Team

You're a spiritual being playing in a human experience . . . but what does that mean exactly? We look in the mirror and we see a physical form. But when we can shut up that mind chatter, we can get to realise that we are so much more than just a body. First and foremost, we are spirit, so of course, being able to connect with what we ARE is a piece of cake ;)

Your Spirit Team consists of angels, archangels, guides and also people and pets that could have passed over. That's right! You have the ability to connect with loved ones because they are still very much spirit and of course, vibrational energy - just as you are. The only difference is, you are still working through physical form. Your Spirit Team are the ones that help to relay messages to us in the way of a feeling, a thought, a whisper. Keep an open mind and "listen" for the information that they are so often eager to provide. We just have to shut up [our racing minds] and get out of our own way. 

Power 3 - Know Your  Chakras

Here are a few things that the 7 main chakras relate to

  • Money, job, living, lower back, hips, knees ect
  • Relationships, partners, children, reproduction, ect
  • Personal Power, anxiety, confidence, stomach ect
  • Love, depression, guilt, self sabotage, self love ect
  • Communication, criticism, thyroid, not being heard ect
  • Intuition, decision making, headaches, feeling lost ect
  • Awareness, confusion, consciousness, suicidal ect

These are just a few things. The point is, with chakra energy healing you are able to take the steps necessary to remove any heavy energy before it becomes a physical symptom of illness or an unwanted manifested reality.

How? When you think positively about a certain area of your life, you are giving "good" energy toward its corresponding chakra. This helps the chakra to spin efficiently and distribute energy accordingly to its physical body part and also to its matching external reality. For example, healthy thoughts around money distributes energy to the root chakra which in turn, provides efficient energy flow to the lower back, hips, legs and down to the toes. And those same healthy vibrational thoughts bring more money flow into your external experience that we call "reality". It's all connected.

Here is The Complete Chakra Menu that will give you more ideas of how your thoughts could be affecting your physical body and your external realities. Fascinating stuff for sure!

Power 4 - Chakra Check

Using a crystal pendulum to check chakra energy can give you x-ray accuracy results. 

The movement of the crystal can determine if a persons thinking habits are positive or negative around particular areas of their lives, if they could be experiencing blocked or imbalanced energy in a specific part of the body or if things are going really well energy-wise, or could use a bit more attention.

Power 5 - Clear Your Energy

We are all picking up energy from other people every single day whether we are aware of it or not. This is why we can sometimes feel run down, lethargic and plain "out of whack" by the end of a day.

Choose the people you hang out with. Make sure they inspire you and lift you up. If not, prepare to remove their heavy energy from yourself daily because it's imperative to your own health. The best part is, it only takes a minute.

Power 6 - Balance Chakras

The chakra balance process can cause some major releases of blocked or imbalanced energy from a persons physical body.  Some people could get emotional some could experience headaches and some might not seem to go through anything at all out of the ordinary.  

You can perform a full body chakra balance on yourself or on your loved ones or clients. How do you balance chakras? You'll be able to follow along with guided videos every step of the way to achieve this with the Unlock Your Inner Healer Private Facebook Support Group and Course 

And it's free when you join the Reiki Degrees Online Course

Power 7 - Growth Process

Energy moves through us, around us and within us with every breath and step we take. Conscious use of energy causes the potential for massive transformational growth because when you think about it, energy is all that is.

When people begin working with energy on purpose, they begin to realise that the only limitations they have in life, are the ones they put on themselves.