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What questions do you have about Reiki, connecting with your Spirit Teams, chakras or Reiki Degrees?

Keeping in mind that NO question is too weird. Please keep questions relevant to Reiki, Spirit, Chakras and Reiki Degrees.  I'll do my very best to answer them from my perspective ❤ Submit your questions any time before 10am on  the last Tuesday of each month ? I'll answer them on video and add it below at the end of this page ?

January 2022 Q&A


Question 1 : Can you tell me how I can be more in tune and develop more to use Spirit  for self healing?

Question 2 : I forgot to clear my energy after working on a client. I remembered half an hour later and did it. Is that okay?

Question 3 : I was working on my client and saw her dog that had passed over. It was jumping up and down all happy and playful. How can I tell if that really was a spirit message or just my mind? 

 We'll skip Q&A for December. It's family time :) Will be back for end of January 2022. Taking questions now . . .

November 2021 Reiki Q & A

0.22  Question 1 : Do you have to be connected to a spirit team. If not how do you know which crystals to use?

3.07   Question 2 : When we follow along in your videos to give healing for any body part, how do you know what to send it to? How do you know what part of us you need to heal?


October 2021 Reiki Q&A

0.47  Question 1 :  Sometimes I feel my team and sometimes I don’t, when I’m doing reiki. I still do the reiki. Are my team there, or not when I do not feel them is my question. Thank you.

2.40 Question 2 : Why, even if you've dealt with or accepted a situation from the past, it still lives inside you even when you're ok with it? I feel like you have to repeatedly make it exit your body, its like it thinks your its home even after being evicted.

6.24 Question 3 : If you link up with your team in the morning for reiki work and thank them when you are finished, is it necessary to link up every time in the day if you are doing more reiki work later in the day?

7.38 Question 4 :Will you be doing another Reiki Masters face to face class to touch base on symbols and attunement processes?


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